0545: Meetings & Conferences - BLM State & Local Leadership Training
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Bureau of Land Management Executives, place and date unknown.

Front center: Ed Pierson and J. Russell Penny

left to right: George Holte, Samuel Allen, Earl Schmalle, Russell Getty, Garth Rudd, Ralph Mitchell, Robert Nielson, Edgar Rowland, Fred Weiler, Edgar Carroll, Joseph Fallini, Harold Hochmuth, James Beirne, William Larsen, Donald Johnson, Chesley Seely, Lowell Puckett, Neal Nelson, Odell Child, Jesse Honeywell, John Dawson, and James Beckerley

Date Unknown

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Group photo taken in Denver, CO, date unknown.

Key shows placement of individuals on photograph.  Individuals are (surnames only are listed): Palmer, Francis, Vladimiroff, Stauber, Jensen, Hammit, Norris, Brough, Baker, Jim Scott, Fulcher, Udy, Silcock, Gype, Bottini, Bowen, Rankin, Grant, Keough, Frandsen, Getty, Luscher, Reynolds, Anderson, Saults, Wolf, Stoddard, Giles, McIntosh, Beck, Hadley, Wilson, Penny, Storms, Tysk, Richmond, Craft, Puckett, Lester, Henriques, Bygland, Youngblood, Chandler, Riley, Pate, Krueger, Heath, Leavell, Bean, Kerr, Colton, Candill, Finlayson, Floyd, Rigtrup, Davis, Lowe, Shaertl, McVee, Brown, Nielson, Holmes, Jones, Fallini, Lea, Pierson, Schofield, Leishman, Jens Jensen, Linne, Hendryx, Gray, Russiff, Solari, Colton, Rowland, Newell, Zimmerman, Edwards, Allen, Burt, Robinson, Lieurance, Booker, Helson, Weiler, Campbell, Jones, Anderson, Dose, Robins, Martin, Moore, Whitlock, Anderson, Young, Thompson, Helmandollar, Clark, Miller, Morgan, Wilkes, Solan, and Earp

Date Unknown

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Group.  No other identifying information

Front row: Jim ?, Jim Keogh, Russ Penny, William Mathews, [unknown], Garth Rudd, ?, James Anderson

Middle Row: [unknown], Ed Byglund, Richard Thompson, Les Dunn, [unknown], Art Zimmerman

Back row: Nolan Kiel, Edgar Rowland, R. D. Neilson, Charles Pylon, Ed Hoffman, Dr. Charles Pylon (instructor).  [unable to place all individuals into the right slots - above are guesses at best]

Date Unknown

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BLM Conference at New House Hotel, Salt Lake City

Front row: W. J. Anderson, R. J. Mitchell, J. S. Andrews, E. R. Smith, E. R. Greenslet, Marion Clawson, W. T. Vaughn, Michael Giller, L. R. Brooks, H. J. Burback, M. H. Deming, and Carl Spaulding

2nd row: Irving Senzel, H. B. Mock, H. M. Salmon, Ed Pierson, Lowell Puckett, R. K. Coote, L. T. Hoffman, W. H. Horning, Edgar Carroll, K. P. Newman, and C. P. Seely

3rd row: G. H. Scharrer, J. P. Allred, J. F. Johnston, H. E. Jones, Kenneth Burkholder, Bud Fallon, Dan L. Goldy, James Barr, A. D. Molohan, and D. S. Moffitt

4th row: T. J. Snyder, Tom Dudley, J. F. Morgan, W. H. Koch, R. D. Nielson, H. J. Vanderveer, C. R. Bradshaw, Fred Benson, R. E. Morgan, E. L. Brown, and H. E. Snyder

5th row: Martin Galt, Hugh Thayer, Joseph T. Fallini, Gerald M. Kerr, E. K. Peterson, Otto Aho, J. E. Hall, H. T. Jorgenson, J. C. Conrace, R. R. Robinson, Max Bridge, M. T. Nelson, and Cyril Jensen

6th row: R. K. Allen, P. E. Huss, J. D. C. Thomas, N. O. Nicholson, P. S. Shepherd, D. E. Jensen, W. H. Hilton, Clare Morris, E. M. Hatton, H. D. Moulton, and L. R. Nadeau

Back row: James Doyle, Frances Patton, J. H. Favorite, Edgar I. Rowland, Max Caplan, J. N. Wasserman, E. E. House, Paul Witmer, B. S. Hammond, A. L. Rohwer, Vernon Peterson, and Francis McFarren

Jan 1949 545.04
BLM Budget Conference, Salt Lake City

Sitting at left table: E. R. Smith, Harry Pearson, Lowell Puckett, A. J. LaCovey, R. K. Pierson, Milton W. Reid, E. O. Gianni, William Pinous, Marion Clawson (director), and Russell S. Kifer

Sitting at right table: Floyd Larson, Robert E. Morgan, Paul W. Howard, A. D. Molohan, Depue Falck, James P. Bierne, Jack Besansky, Alan S. Richards, Roscoe E. Bell, Joseph E. Friedly, Chesley P. Seely, Leon Nadeau, Jack Keith, and William L. Mathews

Standing in circle behind tables: J. Pratt Allred, Hall McClain, Ed Pierson, Arthur W. Brown, Howard Vanderveer, J. Earl Palmer, Ralph J. Mitchell, H. Byron Mock, George Woodhall, E. R. Greenslet, Luther T. Hoffman, Morris Diamond, Joseph Snyder, Calvin S. Croft, Kelso P. Newman, Dewane Jensen, Delbert Fallon, O. P. DeJulio, J. H. Favorite, Jesse Kirk, and A. L. Rohwer

July 1951 545.15
BLM Management Development Conference, Boise, ID

Seated at Table l to r: Neal D. Nelson, Ed (Tiny) Greenslit, Depue Falck, and Edward Woosley

Seated (others) l to r: Robert D. Nielson, Ralph T. Carpenter, Gerald M. Kerr, Harold Hocksmuth, William G. Guernsey, William L. Shaffer, Earl G. Thomas, Max Caplan, Fred J. Weiler, Edgar I. Rowland, Edgar S. Carroll, Helen L. Lane, Ray R. Best, Lowell M. Puckett, Rachel Schoessler, William N. Anderson, Virgil T. Heath, John J. Mays, and Odell N. Child

Standing l to r: Mack C. Corbett, R. Bruce Mitchell, Walter Horning, Wes B. Wallace, Jesse M. Honeywell, James P. Bierne, Eastburn R. Smith, Roger R. Robinson, Luther T. Hoffman, Roland A. Rush, Samuel L. Allan, Wilbur W. Larsen, George R. Holte, Joseph G. Friedly, Lewis T. Miller, Leslie C. McWilliams, James E. Beckerley, Byron Denny, W. Reed Roberts, J. Russell Penny, F. Scott Kirk, and Raymond C. Cleghorn

Oct 1955 545.07
BLM Management Development Conference, Boise, ID

Front row l to r: Rowland G. Thompson, Rex Zobell, Wilfred H. Quinn, William Barker, L. R. Brooks, and Ivan Vickers

2nd row: Hall H. McClain, Don Schofield, Samuel R. Bennett, Roland C. Burgess, Hugh Thayer, and E. J. Petersen

3rd row: Cyril Jensen, Francis Riorden, Derrel S. Fulwider, Edward C. Booker, Burton W. Silcock, and Lowell Udy

Back row: Joseph Fallini, Jack Keith, Fred Davis, Archie D. Craft, John E. Burt, T. G. Taylor, R. F. Bucknam, Gene Zumwalt, Charlie Nettleton, Roland Rush, Edward Woozley, Royale K. Pierson, George Francis, Fred Benson, James Speelman, Euel Davis, Richard Schaertl, Jack Wilson, Elmer Sniff, Bill Mathews, James Anderson, Richard Quintus, and Wallace Fixen

Nov 1955 545.09
Group (informal) of State Directors

left to right: Edgar Rowland, Joseph Fallini, [unknown person], Fred Weiler, and Robert Nielson

1960s 545.02
Luncheon in Denver with Under Secretary of the Interior John A. Carver

Left to right: William Earp, Jack McIntosh, Edward Booker, Secretary Carver, Lowell Udy, John Russiff, Rex Morgan, Ross Youngblood, James Young, John Riley, Harold Tysk, Rex Colton, and Garth Colton.

1964 545.10

Group, BLM Conference, Washington Office Staff, State Directors, and District Managers, 1964

Key (Use the graphic labeled "Key" in the column to the left to match names on the list below.)  A question mark indicated uncertainty in the identification:

01 Lew Miller (?)
02 Vince Hecker
03 Max Lieurance
04 Jim Beirne
05 Dennis Hess (?)
06 Scoop March
07 Dale Andrus
08 Bill Mabbutt
09 John Crow
10 Roy Bean
11 Oliver Johnson
12 Don ?
13 Bob Springer or Jim Hart
14 Dick Thompson
15 Gene Zumwalt
16 Gene Peterson (?)
17 Clair Whitlock
18 Charles Stoddard (Director)
19 Bill Brant (?)
20 Max Bruce
21 Joe Dose
22 Ernest Palmer
23 Russ Penny
24 Don Robins
25 Murl Storms
26 Jack Wilson
27 Doug Morrison (?)
28 Bob Jones
29 Jim Parker
30 Garth Rudd
31 George Francis (?)
32 Bob Hostetter )?)
33 O'Dell Frandsen
34 Nolan Keil
35 Dick Schlacter (?)
36 Otto Krueger
37 Bud Vladimiroff (?)
38 Ross Youngblood
39 Ed Zaidlicz
40 Joe Fallini (?)
41 ?
42 ?
43 ?
44 Burt Silcock
45 ?
46 Carl McCrillis
47 Russ Getty
48 ?
49 Martin Buzan (?)
50 ?
51 ?
52 ?
53 ?
54 ?
55 Curt Hamit
56 Jim Aaron (?)
57 Bob McCarthy
58 ?
59 ?
60 ?
61 Dan Baker
62 ?
63 Ed Byglund
64 Irving Senzel (?)
65 ?
66 ?
67 Gerry Horne
68 Dale Zimmerman
69 Bob Wilbur
70 Kent Giles (?)
71 Nyles Humphreys
72 Ed Carroll (?)
73 ?
74 John Scalize (?)
75 Rex Cleary
76 ?
77 Carl Rice (?)
78 Rox Colton (?)
79 ?
80 Dick Kerr (?)
81 John Lanz
82 Don Schofield
83 Paul Herndon (?)
84 Jess Honeywell (?)
85 Les Dunn
86 Cal Bowen (?)
87 ?
88 Paul Rigtrup (?)
89 Gene Moore (?)
90 Eldon Holmes (?)
91 Ken Burkholder (?)
92 Curt McVee
93 ?
94 Howard DeLano
95 Virgil Heath (?)
1964 545.19
Management Conference, Denver Hilton Hotel

Very large group, unfortunately no listing of names available

April 1964 545.05
Denver Conference

Left to right, around the table: Burton Silcock, Ed Pierson, Edgar Carroll, Robert D. Nielson, Fred Weiler, Roger Robinson, Bob Wolf, Joseph Fallini, Dale Andrus, Nels Nelson, Dan Saltz, J. Russell Penny, Charles Stoddard, Lowell Puckett, [unknown], Tom Lloyd, Harold Hocksmuth, Edgar Rowland, Robert Cook, and Robert Smith.  [not sure if names match individuals around the table.]

Nov 1964 545.06
Group (no other information) except month and year

Sitting: Dan Seltz, Robert Wolf, Charles Stoddard, Harold Hocksmuth, and Robert Jones

Standing: Ed Pierson, Fred Weiler, Robert Robinson, Joseph Fallini, Neil Nelsoon, Russell Penny,
Lowell Puckett, Donald Getty, James Andrus, Edgar Rowland

Nov 2964 545.16
Management Conference, Portland, OR

Seated: Edward C. Bygland, Robert A. Jones, Irving Senzel, John O. Crow, Boyd L. Rasmussen, Eugene Z. Zumwalt, Edgar Carroll, John A. Mattoon, and Garth H. Rudd

Standing: Ed Pierson, Harold Tysk, Daniel P. Baker, W. J. Anderson, Roger R. Robinson, Burton W. Silcock, Nolan F. Keil, Joseph T. Fallini, Edgar I Rowland, Fred J. Weiler, Archie D. Craft, and J. Russell Penny

Nov 1967 545.08
Group.  Photograph is only identified as State Directors

Left to right: Ed Zaidlicz, R. D. Nielson, Joseph Fallini, Burton Silcock, Edgar Rowland, Ed Pierson, Nolan Kiel, J. Russ Penny, Fred Weiler, and James Anderson

1969 545.20
Spring Program Review, Boise, ID

Seated: Garth Budd, John Mattoon, Eugene Zumwalt, John Crow, Boyd Rasmussen, George Turcott, Dale Andrus, J. Russell Penny

Standing: Burton Silcock, Ed Zaidlicz, Edgar Carroll, James Anderson, Daniel Baker, Elmer Graham, Ed Bygland, Edgar Rowland, William Mathews, Nolan Keil, Joseph Fallini, Roger Robinson, R. D. Nielson, and Archie Craft

March 1971 545.18
Group:  BLM State Directors Meeting, December 1973, Reno Nevada

Front: Angela Cummings, Staff Assistant to Secretary Horton; Andy Ondrof, Chief, Division of Personnel (WO); Roman Koenings, Assistant Director, Resources (WO); Curt Berklund, Director; George L. Turcott, Associate Director; James W. (Tim) Monroe, Chief, Office of Public Affairs (WO); Albert Y. Ouchi, Chief, Office of EEO (WO); and Robert A. Jones, chief Division of Environmental and Planning Coordination (WO).

Middle: Curtis V. McVee, Alaska State Director; Lowell J. Udy, Eastern States Office Director; Edgar I. Rowland, Nevada State Director; Daniel P. Baker, Wyoming State Director; Archie D. Craft, Oregon State Director; Edwin Zaidlicz, Montana State Director; and Paul L. Howard, Utah State Director.

Back: Garth H. Rudd, Denver Service Center Director; Dale Andrus, Colorado State Director; Arthur W. Zimmerman, New Mexico State Director; Jack F. Wilson, Boise Interagency Fire Center Director; J. Russell Penny, California State Director; William L. Mathews, Idaho State Director; and Joe T. Fallini, Arizona State Director.

1973 545.22
State Directors' Meeting, Sacramento, CA

Kneeling: Ed Zaidlicz, Jim Ruch, Dan Alfieri, Jack Wilson, Murl Storms, Dale Andrus, Garth Rudd, and Ed Spang

Standing: George Turcott, Tim Monroe, James Parker, Roman Koenings, Robert Jones, Pete Peterson, Paul Howard, Art Zimmerman, Edgar Rowland, Lowell Udy, "Red" Patton, Daniel Baker, William Matthews, Curt McVee, and Curt Berklund

Mar 1973 545.13
Group with the word "Monroe" and the date on reverse side of photograph

Only person identified is Dale Andrus, 2nd from left on first row.

April 1974 545.17
District Manager Meeting - Fall 1975 - Reno, Nevada

Front: Gene Nodine, DM Battle Mountain; Bill Malencik, Chief, Technical Services; Edgar I. Rowland, State Director, Nevada; Roger McCormack, Associate State Director, Nevada; Melvin Bunch, Chief, Management Services; and Stuart Gearhart, Chief, Planning Coordination Staff

Back: Carl Gidlund, Chief, Public Affairs Staff; Paul Applegate, DM, Carson City, Nevada; Gene Moore, DM, Elko, Nevada; John Boyles, DM, Las Vegas, Nevada; Chester Conard, DM, Winnemucca, Nevada, Edward Evatz, Chief, Resources, and Robert Schultz, DM, Ely, Nevada

1975 545.23
BLM Meeting, Salt Lake City

There is no available list of participants for the photograph

June 1975 545.14
District Manager's Meeting - Fall 1975 - Reno, NV

Left to right: Gene Nodine (DM, Battle Mountain); Paul Applegate (DM, Carson City); Gene Moore (DM, Elko); E. I. Rowland (SD, Nevada); John Boyles (DM, Las Vegas); Chester Conard (DM, Winnemucca; and Bob Schultz (DM, Ely)

Fall 1975 545.24
Farrington "Ferry" Carpenter with State Directors in Colorado

Seated: Marv LeNoue, Ferry Carpenter, Leonard Horn (rancher), Frank Grey, Bill Luscher, unknown (rancher)

Standing: Joe Fallini, Clair Whitlock, Ed Spang, Bob Buffington, Dean Bibles, Mike Penfold, George Lea, and Dale Andrus

1979 545.01
Training, Managing for the 80s, Phoenix, Arizona

Kneeling: Glenn Freeman, Tony Staed, Jack McIntosh, Joe Dose, Josh Warburton, Fearl  Parker, William Lantz, Rex Cleary, Ray Brubaker, Stan Butzer, Richard Bastin, Wayne Zinne, Roger McCormack, and Nick Cozakos

2nd row: Donna Lance, Phyllis Ragsdale, Roberta Pensoneau, "Red" Patton, Joseph Zimmer, James Fox, Larry Hamilton, Frank Shields, E. K. James, Jan Bedrosian, Paul Rigtrup, and Vi Dille

3rd row (zig-zag left to right): George Cropper, Morgan Jensen, Ed Spang, Don Sweep, Clair Whitlock, Roger Burwell, Nancy Krause, Arlan Kennedy, Dave Plumb, Susan Heller, Bill Leavell, Lloyd Ferguson, Richard Tindall, Max Bruce, Charles Steele, Les Olver, Paul Sanger, Dan Rathburn, Mel Clausen, David Walter, Frank Snell, William Barker, Robert Schmidt, Van Manning, Rod Harris, John Moeller, Carl Johnson, William Luscher, Lee Carie, Paul Applegate, O'Dell Frandsen, Robert Todd, and Lynn Engdahl

Back row: Art Gerity, John Kwiatkowski, Gerald Hillier, Kemp Conn, William Templeton, Hugh Shera, Lester Rosenkrance, Gene Nodine, and Tom Owen

Oct 1981 545.11