0589: Phoenix Training Center Group Photographs - 1989
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Adjudicative Decision Writing  (Course 3000-8):  January 9-15, 1989
Course presented in Santa Fe, NM

Kneeling: David Tapia, Tony Ferrero, Gary Cunningham, Leo Ortiz, Bob Barbour, Clarence Hougland, and Jim Franks

Back: Martha Rivera, Judy Reed, Dean Carlson, Tessie Anchondo, Beradine Martinez, Sue Thorp, Rose Ann Ortiz, Susan Perez, Ida Villareal, Marie Scarlott, Marlene Rael, Patricia Romero, Helen Galassini, Jackie Morales, Esperanza Bachman, Cindy Cordova, Mary Lou Ormseth, Delores Vigil, Alice Roybal, Kay Thomas, Angela Trujillo, and Margo Sena

Advanced Automated Inspection Records System (AIRS), Course 3000-36C, May 15-19, 1989

Front: Naomi Staley, Jan Hopster, Martha Mills, Betty Deluca, Patty Moler, and Steve Brandenburg

Back: Jim Armstrong, Debbie Bellew, Teresa Thompson, Mary Branscom, and John Shufflebarger

Advanced Coal Operations  (Course 3000-40):  May 8-12, 1989

Front: Steve Van Matre, Bruce Kennedy, Alexa Watson, Tricia Powell, Charlie Beecham, Lou Ouano, and Sue Spencer

Back: Raj Giri, Jeff Clawson, Ralph Costa, Kelly Courtright, Gary Stuckey, Don Zoss, Harry Moritz, and Jerry Strahan

Advanced Locatable Minerals: Heap Leach Technology  (Course 3000-3):  January 17-19, 1989

Kneeling: Al Burch, Susan Flora, Larry Steward, Mark Ziegenbein, Holly L. Roberts, Barry Burkhardt, Carl Persson, Ted Angle, Bob Harrison, R. Park, Matt Shumaker,, Dale Wadleigh, Art Smith, Robin Strathy, John Gutierrez, John McKay, Matt Wohlberg, Joe McFarlan, Jim Robbins, John Rawinski, and Gary Osier

2nd row: John Rego, Daniel Grenard, Alan Rabinoff, Joe Mirabal, Fred Schuster, J. Waggoner, Linn Gum, Rob Waiwood, Jim Mangan, John Thompson, Don Keill, and Tom Mowatt

3rd row: Bob Fisk, Dan Netcher, Ron Teseneer, Randy Heuscher, Glen Kerestes, Mary O'Brien, Ed Vukelich, Tery Saarela, Elena Daly, Roberto Costales, George Schepcoff, Bob DeTar, Jim Olsen, Bill Weatherly, Ron Moore, Rich Young, Roger Birk, Chuck Joy, and T. R. Beaven

4th row: Ahmed Mohsen, Mary Jane Erikson, Bruce Griffen, Don Wirth, Doug Bauer, Buz Kennedy, Earl Boone, John Whitley, Pam Bissonette, and Kevin Meyer

Back: Gene McClelland, Oman A. Muhtadi, Kevin Anderson, Bill Robison, Ken Schulte, Joe Frazier, Don Dollar, Byard Kershaw, Chuck Horsburgh, John Branch, Pete Milne, J. R. Evans, Bill Lee, Jerry Strahan, Wes Duggan, Richard Wallace, Don Zoss, and Tom Custer

Advanced Resource Management - Lands  (Course 2000-3):  July 24 - August 4, 1989

Front: MarLynn Spears, Joe C. Morris, Mike Nelson, Jon Hertz, Mike Haskins, Sharon LaBrecque, Teodoro Rael, and Mike Rutledge

Back: Mike Selman, Skip Renchler, Hector Abrego, Bob Burritt, Joe Liebhauser, Jim Anderson, Eric Thompson, and Paul Meyer

AMP Development, Implementation, Supervision and Evaluation  (Course 4000-7):  January 23-27, 1989

Front: Dennis Willis, Brett Covlin, Royce Wheeler, Laura Harris, Jack Spears, Lyle Anderson, and Robert Martinez

Middle: Todd Christensen, Cynthia Grover, Pat Fosse, Ed Feeley, Andrea Minor, Elena Shaw, and Dan Fissell

Back: Bill Wall, Mack Matthews, Phil Kirk, Ken Beckstrom, Michael Casados, Kurt Kotter, and Dave Krosting

Automated Inspection Records System (AIRS) for Managers  (Course 3000-27B):  January 24-27, 1989

Front: Richard Forester, Steve Henderson, Richard Zander, Ernie Gillingham, Frank Kistner, Patty Moler, and Steve Brandenburg

Back: Joe Dygas, Chris Hanson, Bill Hill, Dave Atkins, Jim Weber, and Paul Brown

Basic Lands Adjudication  (Course 3000-2):  June 12-23, 1989

Front: Bob Barbour, Raymond Frost, Darrell Tafoya, Gary L. Cunningham, and Jim Crisp

2nd row: Teresita A. Vaughn, Mary Murphy, Mary Zavala, Janet Stan, Penny Costopoulos, Rose Ann Ortiz, and Janelle McKenna

3rd row: Debbie Stiles, Judy Armstrong, M. Rose Esterline, Vickie Hutchinson, Charlotte Foley, Mary Hyde, Debra Duncan, Patricia Tyler, and Verlene Butts

Back: Mary C. Lynn, Milada Krasilinec, Dianne Jensen, Gloria Ridolfi, Phyllis J. Michaud, Shelly Peele, Nancy Rusk, Karen Skauge, Tondi M. Ballard, and Ida Viarreal

Basic Lands Adjudication  (Course 2000-2):   June 12-23, 1989

Front: Dorothy A. Watkins, Mary Lou Lopez, Kahlene Whitaker, Nora Garcia, Helen Shew, and Thelma M. Wright

Middle: Mary Linda Ponticelli, Paulette Francis, Lorri Charlson, Shirlee A. Gilmore, Madeleine Weiss, Judy Fry, Cathy Sandlin, and Bob Barbour

Back: Cynthia Sandoval, Stanley Martinez, Linda Askwig, Sandy Ward, Frayne W. Lehman, Teri Bakken, Carol Walker, Beverly Goyke, and Sandy Dunn

Basic Lands Adjudication  (Course 2000-2) - Taught in Alaska:  July 31 - August 11, 1989

Front: Carol Canterbury, Laura Andrewuk, Brenda Mathews, Mike McGinty, and Bob Barbour

2nd row: Peggy Everingham, Clem Florez, and Shirley Spurlock

3rd row: Paula McHale, Rita Booth, Jerri Sanson, Bruce Duffy, and Rory Spurlock

4th row: Evvie Punches, and Carol Taylor

5th row: Heather Coats, Mary Linda Ponticelli, Sharon Cunningham, Brenda Zenon, and Carol Heath

6th row: Leslie Torrance, Jeff Nelson, Mitch Overstreet, and Sue Giovannazzo

7th row: Laura Wood, Shirley Macke, Marcella Goins-Rice, and Donna Doney

Back: Patti Holm, Janice Yankus, Allyson Johnson, Lynda Ehrhart, and Mike Peterson

Decisions, Appeals, and Hearings  (Course 4000-8):   February 13-17, 1989

Kneeling: Burt Stanley, Tim Murphy, Roland De Gouvenain, and Doug Barnum

2nd row: Todd Christensen, Willie Peterson, Nora Taylor, Ted Angle, Bill Reimers, Mike Hinkel, and Richard Jewett

Back: Harvey Sweitzer, Tom Miles, Bill Brandau, Gayle Manges, Clint Oke, Jeff Rawson, Don Peterson, Michael Holbert, and Don Ashby, Jr.

Drainage  (Course 3000-15):  April 24-27, 1989

Kneeling: Jeff Nolder, Wayne Stevens, Ron Shook, John Snow, Ron Bartel, and Dick Forester

Middle: Sherry Barnett, John Duhon, Jim Salas, Ken Adams, Arney Smits, Pat Strong, Ron Gunnufson, and Sue Pepperney

Back: Ed Burks, Rich Estabrook, Amy Lueders, Donnie Shaw, Trish Eggart, Rob Coleman and Alan Aitken

Environmental Management - Minerals  (Course 3000-19):  March 13-24, 1989

Kneeling: Al Burch, Rhio Jackson, Ahmed Mohsen, Ken Goodrow, and Ed Heffern

Middle: Nicholas Reiger, Mindy Mason, Kim Teuber, Beatrice Booth, Mike Winters, Ken Tillman, John Thompson, Gary Blincow, Alton Watters, and Tom Lahti

Back: Kent Ostler, Dan Cressy, John Atencio, Richard Park, Tom Bargsten, Dixon Sandoval, Dave Taylor, Donald Stager, Edward Ruth, Doyle Conklin, and Ladd Coates

Fluid Inspection and Enforcement (I&E) - Drilling  (Course 3000-17):  March 6-17, 1989
Course taught in Roswell, NM

Front: Dick Forester, John Shufflebarger, Ted McDougall, Barry Hunt, and Ronald Leaton

2nd row: Herman Lujan, Larry Bray, Vic Coats, Barry Burkhardt, James Amos, and Bill McManus

3rd row: Gail Leslie, Neal Brecheisen, Shirley Mondy, Kevin Schneider, Ed Bailey, and Shannon Shaw

Back: John Whitley, Bob Kent, Andy Cortez, Dale Pylant, Steve Witter, and Carl Budd

Fluid Inspection and Enforcement (I&E) - Production  (Course 3000-18):  October 16-27, 1989
Course taught in Roswell, NM

[Note: The names as they appear under the photograph should be reversed - in order - as shown below.]

Kneeling: Lonny Bagley

1st row (seated): John Kenny, Paul Parthun, John Shufflebarger, Terrie Somers, Adam Salameh, Max McCoy, Kenneth Young, Bill LaFollette, and Dave Brown

2nd row: Jesse Abrams, Vann Bighorse, Ronald Crossguns, Jim Amos, Jim Webb, Clare Miller, and Cheryl Gabe

3rd row: Doug Koza, Sid Vogelpohl, Joe Sheshewalla, Ed Fivas, Steve Caffey, Louis Hutte, Jerry Jones, Donald Englishman, and Mickey Coulthard

Back: Kevin Schneider, Stuart Cervoski, Ron Bartel, Norm Bishop, Steve Witter, Dale Pylant, and Lee Keyes

Hazardous Materials for District Coordinators  (Course 1703-1A):  February 27 - March 10, 1989
Course conducted in Cincinnati, OH

Kneeling: Keith Chapman, Dan Tippy, Paul Meyer, and John Peacher

2nd row (standing): Art Murphy, Rick Breckle, Terry Linson, Mac Wheeler, Mel Sclagel, Loren Glade, Floyd Dewitt, Keith Tyler, Roy Masinton, Dave Schafersman, Phil Paterno, Bill Wagner, Jerry Brefeld, Mike Lofton, and Ralph Culbertson

Back (on truck): Russell Pigors, Dave Fortier, Bill Fortier, Bill Murphy, Tim Kreager, Joan Resnick, Paul Seronko, Jason Lofton, Lois Payne, and Dave Engelman

Hazardous Materials for District Coordinators  (Course 1703-1B):  June 5-16, 1989
Course taught in Cincinnati, OH

Kneeling: A. Singh Ahuja, Mike Rutledge, Larry Thomas, Paul Sears, Patty Gradek, and John Swift

Standing: Sandy Guches, Phil Paterno, Bill Wagner, Wayne Svejnoha, Peter Bierbach, Clyde Murray, Carlton Lance, Scott Haight, Joel Jakobosky, Phil Zieg, Myra Musialkiewicz, Don Holder, Susan Skinner, Gary Cooper, Bruce Talbot, Jim Conn, Jerry Page, Pat Day, Larry Thrasher, Mike Giblin, Lynne Sendejo, Ryan Dudley, Bob Smith, Harry Delong, and Roy Turner

Hazardous Materials for District Coordinators  (Course 1703-1):  December 4-15, 1989
Course taught in Cincinnati, OH

Front: Karl Owvald, Dan Naegle, Sheldon Saxton, Tim Fuller, Nancy Bloyer, Jim Scheidt, Bruce Fowler, and Sam DesGeorges

Middle: Robert Ernst, Cliff Franklin, Dan Kotansky, Bill Robison, Bruce Talbot, Kirk Koch, Dave Sinclair, N. Bashir Sulahria, Tim Moore, John Key, and Bill Wagner

Back: Phil Paterno, Bill Lawhorn, Brian Lloyd, Peter Bierbach, Mike Browne, Roger Zortman, and Gary Rundell

Instruction Seminar  (Course 1400-4):  January 30 - February 3, 1989

Kneeling: David Traudt, Phil Paterno, Lew Meyers, Bruce Kennedy, and Phil Perlewitz

2nd row: Barbara Hollway, Sandy Austin, Rita Stockdale, Sheila Randall, Paula Reed, Al Burch, Jim McCormick, Sue Spencer, Belynda Gentry, Brenda Aird, and Paul Meyer

Back: Ed Tilzey, Chuck Marquez, Jim Cagney, Brad Palmer, Mark Etchart, Peter Bierbach, Bob Wilson, John Spain, Bob Schneider, Gary Wood, and Jerry Townsend

Instruction Seminar  (Course 1400-4):  February 28 - March 3, 1989
Course presented in Anchorage, AK

Front: Merrie Frazier, Patricia Tengberg, Nancy Brainerd, Vivian Powell, and Margo Freeberg

2nd row: Sandy Austin, Barbara Partin, Sandra Ward, Particia Norsworthy, Frank Hardt, Sylvia Ferrier, Kamilah Rasheed, and Eric [no last name provided]

Back: John Farnsworth, Sandy Dunn, Connie Teffeteller, Ann Breazeale, Daniel Webb, Jerry Pinkerton, Jack Frost, and Stanton Curtis

Instruction Seminar  (Course 1400-4):  April 24-28, 1989

Kneeling: Jim Paugh, Eric Finstick, John Shufflebarger, Betty Wellman, and Francis Berg

Middle: Barbara Hollway, Sandy Austin, Sheila Randall, Brenda Zenon, Carol Smith, Naomi Staley, Dan Wood, Rose Fairbanks, Karen Skauge, and Ineke Wilkinson

Back: Donna Kahren, Gary Pavek, Frank Olsen, Vince Vogt, Lynn Rust, Bill Lamb, Tony Ferguson, and Danny Randall

Introduction to BLM Automation for Managers and Translators  (Course 1266-C):  May 16-19, 1989
Course taught in Farmington, NM

Front: John Singlaub, Dave McWhirter, Kniffy Hamilton, Lynn Ridl, Charlie Grymes, Dan Trippy, Dan Muller, Chuck Valentine, Bob Milton, and Ken Holden

2nd row: Sandra Farber, Rosamond Warren, Diane Schneider, Lloyd Miller, Carol Burger, Bob Conquergood, Lorraine Farley, Bill Krech, Gene Nodine, Leroy Mohorich, and Mohamed Barry

3rd row: Ray Hoem, Marla Bohl, Sam Rowley, Jack Dugwyler, Dave Walter, Elaine Marquis, Gary Gerth, Eric Strand, Pat Geehan, John Foster, Stan Adams, Eric Kaarlela, Gene Drais, Mike Dwyer, and Stan Specht

Back: Janis Van Wyhe, Pete Comanor, Bill LeBarron, Stan Frazier, Gary Stuckey, Tom Wawro, Dennis Zachman, Bob Gibson, Bill Fulcer, Mike Kirby, Frank Salwerowicz, and Bob Schrott

Introduction to BLM Automation for Managers and Translators  (Course 1266-3D):  June 13-16, 1966
Training was held in Washington, D.C.
[Note: The date on the photograph is clearly 1966, but is probably too early a date for this training.  The photo was included in the 1989 album used to store Training Center photographs.]

Front: Jeri Powers, Jim Elliott, Sherry Barnett, Joyce Norris, Sie Ling Chiang, Vincent Hecker, Rose Marie Berezowsky, Jean Austin, Kathy Williams, Asghar Shariff, Lee Koss, and Frosty Littrell

2nd row: Jim Paugh, Hector Villalobos, John Foster, Hank Noldan, Reg Reid, Ed Roberts, Jim Horan, Jeff Holdren, Bob Finney, and Jerry Goodman

3rd row: Rob Cervantes, John Butterfield, Dave Fatch, Frank Snell, John Craynon, Reed Smith, Mike Kirby, Eric Strand, Dwight Hempel, Herman Kast, and Mona Schermerhorn

4th row: John Broderick, Don Mitchell, Richard Brook, Dan Wedderburn, Bill Civish, John Singlaub, Charlie Grymes, Mike Schwartz, Beau McClure, and Dick Forester

5th row: Roger Griffith, Rob Hellie, Carl Enix, Frank Lanzetta, Carole Smith, Paul Politzer, Ed Roberson, Mike Ford, and John Boyles

Back: Mat Millenbach, Fran Eickbush, Joshua Simons, Gordon Knight, Richard Hopkins, Jay Thietten, Billy Templeton, Gene Kinch, and Willie Peterson

Introduction to Fisheries Management  (Course 6000-16):   May 1-5, 1989

Kneeling: Greg Bautz, Thomas Skinner, Ray Lister, Bob Jones, Larry Gerard, Roy Price, Mark Gorges, Alan Munhall, and Al Banman

Middle: Paul Cuplin, Cal McCluskey, Jim Sisk, Dale Tribby, Tom Rinkes, Doug Prescott, Jerry Connors, Rebecca Peck, Don Prichard, and David Young

Back: Dan McGlothlin, Wayne Elmore, Bob McCarty, Mitch Wainwright, Bob House, Clay Bridges, Leonard Coleman, and Art Hayes

Locatable Minerals Surface Management  (Course 3000-23):  March 27 - April 5, 1989

Kneeling: Ervin Larsen, Dan Netcher, Dale Wadleigh, Ken Goodrow, Roy Inskeep, and John Gilmore

Middle: Michael K. Jackson, Nancy Logue, Jim Perry, Kathleen Cox, Ken McMullen, Frank Kistner, and Matt Shumaker

Back: Russell Jentgen, Sara Hoyt, Tom Schmidt, John Andrews, Mark Newman, Jim Hamilton, Larry Lacey, and Roy Drew

Managing BLM NEPA Process   (Course 1600-6):  February 27 - March 3, 1989

Front: Ed McTaggart, Paul Buff, Jerry Mcgee, Dan Lechefsky, Sue Richardson, Kent Hamilton, Dough Romoli, Gerry Gill, and Donald Smith

2nd row: Joe Patti, Butch Peugh, and Ken Herman

3rd row: Ken Harrison, Roberto Costales, Don Mitchell, John J. Rumps, Bert Rodgers, Denis Williamson, Catherine Robertson, Bill Gilbert, Mike Schilling, Jacob Rajala, and Bob Dale

Back: Alan A. Partridge, Russ Elam, Gary Slagel, Dave Harr, Bruce Greenwood, Jack Mills, Arlan Hiner, Gregg Simmons, Russell Kaldenberg, Paul E. Petty, Tim Sanders, Ed Tilzey, and Dennis Willis

Managing Habitat for Viable Populations  (Course 6000-18):  January 23-27, 1989

Kneeling: Bruce Palmer, Clair Button, Roger Rosentreter, Bob Kindschy, Bob Parker, Paul Tankersly, Larry Foreman, Gene Dahlem, Curtis Warrick, Brad Hardenbrook, and Sheridan Stone

Middle: Cal McCluskey, James Decker, Butch Olendorff, Sherry Barrett, Ray Boyd, Kelly Grissom, Terry Rich, Ted Cordery, John Augsburger, Bob Hall, and Sid Slone

Back: Gary Bateman, Paul Barrett, Judy Hohman, Sue Rutman, Bob Vahle, Jerry Gregson, Bill Radtkey, Tom Seley, and Charles Pregler

Managing Historic Resources  (Course 8000-14):   January 30 - February 3, 1989

Kneeling: John Cook, Rick Malcomson, John Herron, Roberta McGonagle, Bill Gibson, Regina Smith, and Julia Steel

2nd row: Russ Tanner, Duane Christian, Neal Crozier, Joan Oxendine, John Knorel, and Francis Berg

3rd row: Mary Barger, Pat Barker, Rick Athearn, Don Hardesty, Don Simonis, Mike Selle, Margaret Waski, and Paul Williams

4th row: Bruce Crespin, Lynn Harrell, Suzanne Thomas, Cheryl Blanchard, and Boma Johnson

5th row: Tony Crosby, Carl Barna, Steve Mehls, Eric Ritter, Max Witkind, Bill Civish, and Stan Jaynes

Back: Dave Gillio, Bob King, Pat Welch, Brian Hatoff, Bill Knight, Mike Bies, and Howard Smith

Mineral Materials Management - Appraisals  (Course 3000-24):  December 4-8, 1989

Front: Durga Rimal, Paul Tittman, Ginny Grove, Mary Marrs, Larry Vredenburgh, Phil Cloues, Ron Baer, Sarah Hoyt, Robert V. Salas, and Shingi Kuniyoshi

Middle: George Brown, Max Nielson, Mark Schwab, Tony J. Herrell, Jim Chamberlin, Wayne Sibenaler, Mitchell Leverette, Bill Waite, Rod Kuhn, Rich Goossens, and John Kato

Back: Ahmed Mohsen, Richard Harty, David Sitzler, Rusty Dersch, Ron Cecchi, David Daniels, and Al Burch

Mineral Materials Management - Program Management   (Course 3000-24):  November 27 - December 1, 1989

Front: David Daniels, Larry Chitwood, Mark Schwab, Mike Joyce, Daniel Benoit, Stu Herkenhoff, Larry Vredenburgh, Tony Herrell, George Brown, and Al Burch

Middle: Durga Rimal, Doug Bauer, Jim Chamberlin, Terri Geisler, Rod Kuhn, Lorraine Pope, Mitchell Leverette, Sarah Hoyt, Mary Marrs, Chauncie Todd, and Peter Van Susteren

Back: Steve Marshall, Ted McDougall, Barney Oldfield, Jim Irvin, Bill Waite, Edward S. Slagle, Robert Salas, Dennis Brandolino, and Ahmed Mohsen

Mineral Materials Management - Appraisal  (Course 3000-24):   April 12-14, 1989

Kneeling: Al Burch, Robin Strathy, Jim Voss, Jim Baichtal, John Gutierrez, Ken Goodrow, and Pete Peters

2nd row: Hilton Cass, Rod Lentz, Joe Mirabal, George Dabai, Larry Broecker, Nancy Logue, Andy Rorick, Pete Sokolosky, Madeline Dzielak, and Reg Reid

Back: Paul Tittman, Rich Young, Roger Maynard, Tom Abbay, Philip Cloues, Barney Oldfield, Ken Neal, Jim Hamilton, Anne Mora, and Tom Collins

Mineral Materials Management  (Course 3000-24):  April 6-11, 1989

Kneeling: Rod Herrick, Jim Baichtal, Larry Chitwood, Pete Sokolosky, Nancy Logue, Ken Goodrow, and Al Burch

Middle: Dave Cutchen, Brad Palmer, Doug Bauer, Frank Kistner, Joe Mirabal, Andy Rorick, JAmes Sauser, Tom Collins, and Madeline Dzielak

Back: Dennis Trujillo, Hilton Cass, Roger Maynard, Barney Oldfield, Larry Fox, Kenneth Neal, Jim Hamilton, Jack Ragsdale, Demica Vigil, Kelley Jardine, Anne Mora, Harry Frey, and Rich Young

Pipelines System Short Course  (Course 2000-6):  May 22-25, 1989

Front: Duane Marti, Marilyn Nickerson, Lylia Livingston, Melitta White, Cathleen Zillich, Mary Jo Alben, and Bob Barbour

Middle: Gordon Reid, Tommy Martinez, Michael Linden, Deborah Tout, Lynda Kastoll, Leonard Cool

Back: Mike Rising, John Harmening, Martin Hanson, and David Bell

Placer Examination Techniques  (Course 3000-9):  May 15-24, 1989

Front: Jo Ellis, Robin Strathy, Al Burch, and Matt Shumaker

Middle: Bob Thompson, John Gutierrez, and Mike Burnside

Back: Richard Stearns, Fred Schuster, Tim Carroll, Thomas Cook, Don Keill, and Mark Chatterton

Professional Resource Management - BLM Foundations  (Course 1400-6):  February 27 - March 10, 1989
Group I

Kneeling: Chris Berg, Karl Ivory, Kate Marks, Dave Pacioretty, Bob Woyewodzic, Betty Holbrook, and Mike Wintch

2nd row: Linda Estrada, Donna Grill, Eva Fennell, Robin Buchanan, Camille Irwin, Suzanne Belger, Sharon Paris, Sylvia Mendez, and Charlotte Hawks

3rd row: Phyllis Stark, Dave Liebersbach, Ray Neumiller, John Axtel, Jeanne Sullivan, Carole Estes, Shirley Girard, Pat Walker, and Pamela English

Back: Scott Forssell, Greg Bergum, Tim Karle, Crosby Allen, Ralph Basner, Dianna Story, Brian Horne, and Ken Armstrong

Professional Resource Management - BLM Foundations  (Course 1400-6):  February 27 - March 10, 1989
Group II

Kneeling: Patricia Furbush, Tom Phillips, Stan Dykes, Walt Tegge, Don Serrano, Jayne Doyle, Peter Raffeto, and Mike Wintch

2nd row: June Wrona, Mary Weaver, Mary-Pat King, Pat Day, Clare A. Russell, Jennifer Glancy, Rick Kirkness, Bertha McDougal, and Linda Spooner

3rd row: Kim Strader, Willie Street, Bill Fulcer, Guy Welch, Ineke Wilkinson, Linda Berkey, Kathy Stubbs, and Atanda Clinger

Back: Sarah Hoyt, Wilberta Kammer, Tara DeValois, Brian Dick, Brian Cunninghame, Vic Wallace, Barry Long, Jody Peters, and Carol Lofquist

Professional Resource Management - Lands   (Course 2000-1):   March 13 - April 25, 1989

Sitting: Charlotte Hawks, Jennene Nelson, Adrian Garcia, Linda Estrada, Debbie Rowland, Bobbe Young, and Bob Gervais

Standing: Scott Forssell, Steve Davidson, Victor Wallace, Pat Walker, Joyce Cook, Mark Etchart, Mary Weaver, Kathy Stubbs, Robin Buchanan, Don Whyde, Patty Cook, and MarLynn Spears

Professional Resource Management - Range  (Course 4000-1):  March 13 - April 11, 1989

Front: Todd Christensen, Crosby Allen, and Keith Wadman

2nd row: Dave Pacioretty, Cleve Russell, Kevin Schopmann, Tom Phillips, William Street, and Kris Eshelman

3rd row: Robin Sell, Dalice Landers, Guy Welch, Ray Neumiller, Jack Norris, Frank Olsen, Brian Dick, and Peter Raffetto

Back: Tom Warren, Jody Peters, and Tara DeValois

RMP Short Course  (Course 1600-2):   December 4-8, 1989

Front: Kniffy Hamilton, Jane Clancy, and Linda Brooks

2nd row: John Rumps, Connie Kingston, Terry Saarela, Mike Gaylord, Hal Zabriskie, Mary Bloom, Angel Parker, Paul Tanner, Jerry Goodman, Al Kutt, Tom Grette, Victor Ross, and Olivia Short

Back: Ken Harrison, Dennis Oaks, Bruce Durtsche, Jim Sisk, Linda Hansen, Sheldon Wimmer, Runore Wycoff, Glenn Peterson, Howard Levine, Bill Lamb, Duane Winters, Jerry Majerus, John Fend, Mark Stiles, Doug Marv, Dennis Hoyem, and Dick Harlow

Soil, Water, and Air Management  (Course 7000-1):  March 13-24, 1989

Kneeling: Ron Huntsinger, Ron Hooper, Bob Douglas, Clarence Seagraves, Joe Molter, Earvin Cowley, and Bob Bump

Middle: Ben Lomeli, Russ Krapf, Stew Branson, Dan McGlothlin, Stephanie Ellingham, Kristin Vessey, John MacDonald, and Bill Volk

Back: Art Hayes, Jacek Blaszczynski, Al Amen, Barry Long, Karl Gebhardt, Kurt Leet, Greg Bautz, and Cliff Fanning

Solid Leasable Minerals and Development - Non-coal  (Course 3000-27):  January 25-27, 1989

Front: Tricia Powell, Flo Wilhight, Kathleen Cox, Angela Trujillo, Ted Murphy, Ron Rogers, Vance Greer, and Steve Hageman

Back: Robert Mallis, Clarence Hougland, Jim Crowther, Tim Best, Frances Javes, Vince Vogt, Mitchell Leverett, and Tony Ferguson

Solid Leasable Minerals Management - Non-coal  (Course 3000-22):  January 23-24, 1989

Left to right: Dan Sokoloski, Fred Potter, Peter Oberlindacher, Renee Dana, [Fred Potter - listed a 2nd time], Jeanette Bejot, Mary Linda Ponticelli, Dave Wessman, Flo Wilhight, Ron Rogers, Susan Starcevich, Mitchell Leverette, Angela Trujillo, Clarence Hougland, Larry Godwin, Frances Javes, Alleyne Rizor, Barney Oldfield, Doug Hattersley, Steve Hageman, and Tricia Powell

Threatened and Endangered Species Management  (Course 6000-12):   April 17-21, 1989

Kneeling: Cal McCluskey, Margaret Osborne, Melanie Mendenhall, Ann DeBolt, Debbie Pietrzak, Roland Degouvenain, John Augsburger, and Ginger King

Middle: Mark Pierce, Connie Rutherford, Butch Olendorff, Frank Rowley, Patricia Johnston, Kurt Ballentyne, and John Payne

Back: Jim England, Rich Whitley, Jack Brown, Don Dollar, Wayne Ludington, Ray Boyd, Bill Radtkey, Tim Duck, and Dick Waer

Train the Trainer - Adjudication Training Packages  (Course 1400-8):  September 11-15, 1989

Front: Jon Johnson, Joanne Deal, Robyn Shoop, Elaine Lewis, Mary Nagel, Elaine Kaufman, Sally Carpenter, Martha Rivers, Pat Walsh, Mary Ann Hoyt, Fred O'Ferrall, and Barbara Hollway

Back: Barbara Doleman, Judy Moffitt, Irene Anderson, Bill Sackman, Evelyn Stob, Walter Phelps, Dee Baxter, Bill Bliesner, Clarence Hougland, Dean Delavan, Sheila Randall, and Bob Barbour

Train the Trainer - Drug Abuse Recognition:  July 12-13, 1989

Front: Noel Granzow, Jan Henderson, Sylvia Ferrier, Lenne Holliger, Lorraine Farley, Patricia T. Lawson, Anita Valdez, and Karl Sakaeda

Back: Rich Harrison, Charlie Robertson, Joe Payne, Rita Stockdale, Janice Gamby, Gary Johnson, Gordon Shaffer, Stew McCartney, and Brad Brown

Train the Trainer - Volunteer Program Management  (Course 1400-8A):   December 11-15, 1989

Kneeling: Shirley Girard, Karen Folwell, Bob Moore, Jack Ragsdale, Bert Hart, and Jim Roper

Middle: Sheila Randall, Kate Dupont, Stephanie DeGraw, Tima Gromo, Sharon Merna, Mary Englund, Marjorie Wenman, Debbie Morrell, Connie Monroe, Rebecca Burkhead, Janice Mosher, Punkie Garritson, and Barbara Hollway

Back: Karen Malloy, Vicki Fox, Vickie McCullough, Doug Blankenship, Jeff Prude, Tim Jacobson, Paula Reed, Mark McNeely, Steve Smith, Bob Anderson, Glenda Dunshee, Ed Hastings, Jim Boylan, and Danny Randall

Using the Plan  (Course 1600-03):  May 1-5, 1989

Front: Stan Specht, Bev Neuben, Dick Kodeski, Ben Koski, Chris Kelsey, and MarLynn Spears

Middle: Hugh Riecken, Ken Harrison, Saundra Porenta, Jim Beaver, Kniffy Hamilton, Mark Goldbach, and Willis Bird

Back: Roger Farschon, Mark Sherbourne, Jim Roseberry, Harry Rhea, Jim Barnum, Robert Walker, and Dave Taliaferro

Wilderness Management for Managers  (Course 8000-5/11):  January 24-27, 1989
Course held in San Diego, CA

Front: George Nelson, Bill Lamb, Dave Eslinger, John A. Naylor, Dick Stark, Hugh Reicken, and Ray Brady

1st row: Sandy Austin, Bob Rheiner, Curtis G. Tucker, Joe Zimmer, Alan Rabinoff, Frank Snell, Gerald Hillier, Allen Belt, Alden Sievers, Lynda Roush, and David B. Mansing

2nd row: Tim Read, Ev Hayes, Elaine F. Marquis, Eric Finstick, Mike Rogers, Jeff Jarvis, Dennis McLane, John A. Phillips, Russ Storbo, G. Ben Koski, and Russell L. Kaldenberg

Back: Glenn A. Carpenter, Robert J. Sherve, Robert T. Dale, Lee Delaney, Mike Phillips, John Lloyd, Herrick E. Hanks, and Bedford Cash