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Anchorage District Office  [1001]
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    Alaska Rebuilds, from Our Public Lands 7-1-64 1001.04
  Anchorage Area Managers

Front: Douglas Gray, James Thurston, William H. Adams, Sherman F. Berg, and Robert A. Hampson

Back: James W. Scott, Burt Silcock, and unidentified person.

1965 1001.01
  Anchorage Land Office Staff

Front: Arthur E. Reeves, George Hall, Edward Dick, Hobart Hyatt, Clarence Smith, Al Holley, Walt Holmes, John Foster, Wallace Smith, Jim Tyre, Hans Thielsen, Jim Scott, Walt Rust, Billye Clarke, Ron Divyak, Sherman Berg, Bob Onatz, Karl Glades, Clifton Brownell, Jack Harlan, Henry Grimmonpre, Chester Sorenson, Lowell Krise, Gil Carlson, Ted Czupryk, Dennis Hess, Lyle Jones, D.R.W. Wager-Smith, Roger R. Robinson, Edward Hoffman, Warner May, Kenneth Strom, Jack Hartman.

2nd Row: Mary Janowsky, Shirley Mattioda, Frances Shrader, Martha Teclaw,  Rhylis Alkire, Mary Ann Losche, Virginia Lee, Gail Putzel, Peggy Lovett, Joyce Malone, Patti Williams, Edna Perkins, Phyllis Springborn, Judith Brainard, Josephine Keenan, Marcia Rohn, Joan Johnson, Pearl Peters, Al Steger, Beverly LeBold, Loraine Lindberg, Norma Gonzales, Regina Herbert, Bertha Carlson, Agnes Hampton, Glenna Bottens, Bonna Starchman, Betty Bath, Dolores Watson, Louise Potter, Geraldine Faller, Carol Carrin, Don Griffith, Vernal Henderson, Fred Rungee.

3rd Row: Louis Malnarick, Jim Rhea, Martin Frankel, Dick Miller, Betty Hicklin, Audrey Smith Allegra Solzman, Ann Tucker, Margie Witt, Kathleen Nelson, Roberta Widdifield, Katherine Johnson, June Duncan, Ava McGee, Freida May, Margie Burton, Emily Jennings, Mary Valero, Edith Grimmonpre, Eva Fallon, Beatrice Harlan, Christine Riedel, Helen Hart, Mae Femmer, Ann Radloff, Pat Sherwood, Linda Parker, Bonnie Insteness, Max Miller, Kathy Miller, Pat Caffee, Ruby Hopkins, Jackie Mertz, Judy Miller, Robert Q. Pickering, Orville N. Eggen, Walter W. Cooley, Mason Thayer.

Back: Louis L. Doerr, Paul Doble, Fred Lipscomb, Robert A. Smith, James Joyce, Hal Susie, Daniel Jones, George E. M. Gustafson, John Gault, Robert Hampson, Harry Saindon, Forrest McGlone, Duane Graves, Walter Rother, Grover Torbert, Henry Cate Jr., Jerry Harris, Perley West, John Lambe, Tom Garrod, Frank Vogel, Gil Nostrant, Jim Scott, Tom Brown, Jim Thurston, Russell Drabbs, Boyer T. Brown, Howard Pennington, Clarence Tieszen, Sterling True, John McCormack, George Schmidt, Joseph Dombrowski, Norman Brown, John Baldessari, Robert Coffman, Dick Thompson, Robert Johnson, Roger Burwell, Otto Krueger, John Salit.

1962 1001.05
  Jorgenson, Harold.  Personal recollections about Early Efforts of Land Management in Alaska, 1947-1956 1-8-95 438
    Kenai Fireman, The - Daily Reports and Detail Fire Reports, 1969 1969 456
    May, Warren - Land Office Manager, from Anchorage Daily News 9-14-63 1001.02
    Proposed MUM Classification for Copper River Planning Area, 1968 1968 1001.06
    Scott, Jim.  New District Manager from Anchorage DO weekly newsletter 2-20-64 1001.03